Jedd Johnson is Blake Slade's lead photographer he has been shooting weddings for over 6 years and has shot in Mexico, Jamaica, and all around the Caribbean.  Born and raised in Mesa, Arizona Jedd started his love of photography early in life.

Jedd has traveled the world and is particularly familiar with many locations in the Caribbean.  Every time he visits a resort, he writes about it in this site's section destination wedding venue reviews

Casi Johnson is lead assistant and a killer second photographer.  Casi is a native of Las Vegas.  She adds a special touch to the photos by capturing the important feminine view. 

Casi has joined Jedd in much of his world exploration, enjoying every minute of it.  Casi is the organizer and planner, and without her Jedd would probably be lost in the Riviera Maya somewhere.

Who is Blake Slade?

"We get this question a LOT.  Let's keep it a mystery for now and when we become friends I'll tell you.  I will give you a hint though, it's not Casi's favorite porn star!"

"I don't even know, Jedd won't tell me.  Weirdly enough... he says the answer is the secret to a successful and happy life."