When it comes to destination wedding photography pricing...

9 out of 10 times the first question brides ask when inquiring about our availability is “what do you charge?” and rightfully so.  Why go through the process of falling in love with a photographer’s work just to find out that you can’t afford him/her.

Since 2004 Blake Slade Photographers has been providing custom quotes to brides.  We would prefer to skip the awkward step of pricing; unfortunately it needs to be done. 

The first step to getting a quote from us is to check our availability, fill out the form on our MAIN WEBSITE

We limit the number of weddings we take on to 30 per year.  If you want to be part of our year submit your information and we may get to work together!

Choosing a wedding photographer is so important, it is typically the second thing that is booked (next to the venue).  The most important thing to us is the compatibility of the bride/groom and photographer.  We are up front about who we decide to take on as clients.  Due to the limited number of weddings we take on a year our client/photographer relationship is second to none!

blake-slade-main-site All Destination Wedding Packages Come With:
 - Unlimited Day of Coverage
 - All Travel Accommodations
 - Artistic Image Enhancements
 - Two Photographers
 - DVD of High Resolution Images